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Beers, artisanal products: local producers launch their aperitif boxes

Faced with the pandemic, Provençal craftsmen have played the card of solidarity and have joined together to create aperitif boxes, in particular a collective of local brewers has been able to adapt to the situation.

During the confinement, the visio aperitif was very popular thanks to smartphones and computers, but it was still necessary to be able to refuel to best appreciate this moment of conviviality! It’s done, thanks to the many boxes that the Provencal people were able to discover during this confinement, and there is now something for all tastes.

At the beginning of the crisis, the MARS – Marseille Artisans Solidaires initiative was particularly well known thanks to the gourmet baskets offered during the Easter holidays.Since then, new baskets have been created around different themes (breakfast, aperitif, snacks), and already more than 700 have been sold.70 70 baskets were distributed to caregivers in various hospitals in Marseille (Timone, Hôpital Nord, European Hospital, Beauregard).

With the aperitif box, launched two weeks ago, fans will find products such as the fruity comté cheese from La La Laiterie Marseillaise, the pure pork sausage from Queyras from Maison Payany, the crispy onion bread from Scoby or the artichokes to spread, basil and pumpkin seeds from Les Succulentes.Beers and bottles of rosé that you can add to your personal collection complete this famous mix of flavours… And since the first edition, the Marseillais have been there. More than 100 baskets have been sold in just a few days.

Our customers tell us that they want to continue to discover the richness of the artisanal products of their region, through an easy access and a turnkey offer, delivered at home.Surveys have been conducted following deliveries to see what interest they would have in continuing beyond the confines of containment, the returns are very favourable.So the process continues, we’re still in a test phase to see what can work to help the artisans,” says Amélie Coulombe, spokesperson for the collective, which is why the preparation of aperitifs may, in the long term, no longer be a concern at your receptions.

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